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2020.3.17-3.19 FIC 2020,Elinpack welcomes you!

FIC 2020

Exhibition:The 24th China International Food Additives & Ingredients Exhibition

Time: March 17-19,2020

Address:National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)

Booth No.:41R00/41S01

2020.3.17-3.19 FIC 2020,Elinpack welcomes you!

canning machine

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5 Solid Tips to Help You Create the Ideal BOM

The Bill of Materials (BOM) refers to a detailed and thorough list of raw materials, quantities required, assemblies, components, sub-assemblies and parts required in the engineering and production of a product. It is a document that gives a comprehensive overview of all the items required in succes…

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Several new type of amusement equipment that change the industry

Can you imagine when you brag that your biggest relative lived to be 30 years old? We stand on the shoulders of generations of hard-working people who are trying to change the world. Now, we are living in an era with smartphones, tablets, smart watches, the ability to play your favorite TV shows at …

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What is a Surface Light Emitting Diode?

When you buy LED bulbs, you will encounter two types of light emitting diodes. One is a conventional LED, and the other is a more advanced LED, called SMD or "surface mount diode". 

"Diode" is a semiconductor device with two terminals, and usually only allows current to flow in one direction. A …

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The origin of organic oyster sauce

Oysters are a kind of marine mollusk, with delicious meat and rich nutrition. In 1888, in the South Water Village of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Li Jinshang, the inventor of oyster sauce, cooked oysters on a fire as usual. When he was busy with other things, he forgot to take care of him. I'm afraid…

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How smart health watches can help you improve your health

In recent years, smart watches have attracted considerable attention. "What are smart watches actually doing?" This is a question worth considering.

From the most basic point of view, smart watches are an extension of smartphones. They can receive notifications, receive calls from your wrist, all…

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Should you install heat tempered glass at home

Heat tempered glass is a tough and durable glass surface that is not easily broken. Due to its ability to withstand high temperature differences, it is widely used in oven doors, room partitions, glass partitions, building facades, etc. Heat tempered glass is at least four to five times stronger tha…

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Classification of hinge shower door

The glass shower door has a bright, modern aesthetics and minimal space saving function. As we all know, it can completely change the look and feel of the bathroom!  

Different types of shower doors
Since bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, it is important to consider how yo…

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What is the difference between hard enamel pin badges and soft enamel pin badges?

The answer is: Hard enamel badge is polished flat, soft enamel has concave enamel, and the achievable details are also different. Hard enamel nails are smooth and smooth, soft enamel nails have raised metal edges. Both products are manufactured using the same metal mold, and both will have bright an…

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How does rapid prototyping process benefit product designers

Rapid prototyping process mainly refers to the production method for rapid production of models, patterns and prototypes. Rapid prototyping is used to manufacture parts and test the fit and function of parts. It also helps to get your products to market faster than competitors. By using the result…

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The advantages and disadvantages of requesting a rapid prototyping service in SLS

A rapid prototyping service is a mixture of procedures that together achieve the manufacture of certain parts that for machines and traditional manufacturing methods becomes quite complicated until it becomes even impossible for them.

FIRST PART understands the need to evolve and manages to translate this into innovative products.

Previously many companies limited themselves in the evolution of their products since there were no manufacturers that could make their more advanced designs come true, however they did not have to wait long for someone who could help them is this inconvenience, since in many companies the implementation began of the rapid prototyping service, who revolutionized the industries thanks to the diverse procedures that he is able to adapt to achieve the manufacture of specific products.

How is the SLS related to the manufacture of products today?

The selective laser sintering in a procedure used in rapid prototyping to achieve the addition of layers to finally form a single piece that will serve the purpose of satisfying the indications of the applicant and will serve as a prototype for certain elements that in the future plan to be launched on the market.

Prototypes are a fundamental part for the creation of multiple products, since most manufacturers need to test the functionality and durability of these before shipping them to the merchants, thus ensuring they deliver the best quality; In this sense, the SLS manages to create them in the most resistant, fast and durable way, for this reason it is considered one of the best processes in its range.

Taking the SLS as the main option for the creation of your prototypes is undoubtedly a very intelligent decision, since you should not face typical production problems as this leaves very little margin for error, and is quite accurate.

The benefits that this technique has over others are quite remarkable.

In the first place, the SLS manages to create complex pieces that need great detail, leaving very little space for them to be damaged, and if this should happen, the machine would fix it immediately.

Speed ​​is another of the advantageous aspects that exist with respect to the technique, we already know how it works, it is placed layer by layer, and as they are placed, they dry immediately, so there is no that wait a certain time to consider the piece as finished, but that it will be available immediately.

This technique completely ensures that all parts are of high strength and precision, and as a result will always be fully functional, and in conclusion, manufacturers can provide their customers with the assurance that each piece they receive will be of high quality, and they will have a long lifespan, very few techniques can ensure this. 

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